Lights Out? Sometimes, it’s the simple stuff!

My son and I had just finished installing some bedroom lights for a new client in Santa Rosa.

Since we showed him how competent and professional we were (;-)), he mentioned that he had three recessed cans in his family room that hadn’t worked for a year. He was worried that there might be a hazard in the attic and doubted the work he had done himself.

We took the switch apart (good thing because one of the connections fell off) and looked in the attic at the wiring. We scratched our heads: current was getting to the all the fixtures, all three of them.

Alexander was the smart one: “did you try changing the bulbs? ….it’s rare, but sometimes all three bulbs could go out at the same time…”

The kid is so smart.  The client felt a bit embarrassed.  All three bulbs had burned out at exactly the same time (probably due to some kind of surge) and our client hadn’t tried replacing them….

Sometimes, it’s just the small easy stuff.

George & Alexander Moskoff
APG Electric Co.


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